Viram Enterprise has been in business since 1985. Over the past so many years we have built many projects in Dandiya Bazaar, Raopura, Nava Bazaar, Manjalpur, Akota and through-out the Vadodara. Our focus has always been on three key deliverables: Service, Quality and Economy.

The Viram Enterprise has created a legacy for generations to come by creating architectural landmarks, delivering luxury lifestyles through innovative solutions, developing locations and setting high quality standards for itself and the industry at large.

We work together as an integrated team – from concept to completion. This high degree of interaction between our design, construction and business development teams ensures that every little detail gets the close attention it deserves.

Viram Enterprise believes in people. It believes that there is something more to it than a business transaction. Something more in terms of its relationship with its customers. Since its inception, Viram Enterprise has diligently worked with just one endeavor in mind-to see a smile of satisfaction on the faces of people who meet us, move into homes built by us, supply to us and work with us.

For a civil engineer of repute and long-standing experience, building out of cement and concrete is often a singular passion. Yet for Mr. Mukesh Shah, the driving force behind VIRAM, his engineering prowess came second. His inspiration to create came from life itself! He envisaged a world where life would be hassle free and luxurious, green and fresh so that residents would discover hidden joys in daily living.

The result is a fresh, profitable and market-competitive retail asset. Viram Enterprise has completed projects for industry leading developers, such as Transpek Industries, Miranda Industry, Kanoriya Chemicals, Satellite Towers for Tata Projects, etc to set the highest of standards in building development.

Owner Mukesh Shah has also been a leading engineer when he was working at National Builders and the known buildings of Vadodara were constructed under him like Narmada Guest House, Ellora Park and Chhani, National Plaza, Alkapuri, etc.

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